Recently one of our favourite online boutique’s and fashion blog’s for emerging talent Boticca has asked two stylish ladies behind the Honestly…WTF blog to choose a selection of pieces featured on Boticca.

Designer Erica Chan Coffman behind the brand The 2 Bandits and fashion stylist Lauren Kolodny said “The only challenge was having to pick just a handful from hundreds of fabulous and unique accessories!!”.
We are absolutely thrilled to see Jolita Jewellery’s Mourning necklace to be featured among other items that made it into Honestly…WTF list.

This necklace is Jolita Jewellery’s modern take on Victorian mourning jewellery. Victorians used human hair to make jewellery to remember those who have passed away, our piece is handcrafted with bright turquoise threads.

Mourning necklace is made by hand braiding turquoise faux silk onto a vintage crystal necklace. At the centre of the piece three gold plated skulls are featuring. A unique and stunning one-of-a-kind neck adornment.

To see all pieces that made it o Honestly…WTF picks, please visit Bottica’s blog.

Best wishes,
Jolita Jewellery

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