Various jewellery plating options

Well…this post will most probably fall into boring, yet important category as today I wanted to talk a little bit about coating of the rhinestones. And coating is very important, not only because it gives a beautiful, luxurious finish for a jewellery piece, but also because it provides a protection.

A little while ago all our jewellery was chrome-plated. This means that from the inside our jewellery pieces had a glossy grey finish. Unfortunately the cost of chrome-plating increased so much since the summer, that now it comes up to £50 per necklace… So instead of dramatically increasing all prices we decided to leave it as an option for our customers to choose and now everyone has a choice what kind of finish they would like their piece to be coated in.

Majority of our jewellery now is zinc-plated. Zinc looks like a black metal and although sounds a bit rough, I don’t think it ruins the necklace in any way. Please have a look at a couple of pictures, where rhinestones are zinc-plated. I specifically posted front view images, so that you get a better idea what the necklace looks like from the front.

Colourful statement necklace made mixing chartreuse and charcoal silks, braided onto bohemian style necklace

Those who wish, may request their piece to be gold plated, which simply adds £20 on top of the price. If you select this option, your piece will come plated in 18k gold. Here are a couple of necklaces with rhinestones gold-plated.

And last option – chrome-plating. This is the most luxurious therefore the most expensive option, requiring to add £50 on top of the price. Perhaps not the best picture as you can see light and my iPhone reflecting…but at least might give an idea:)
Chrome plating

It’s not our aim to make money on plating , hence we only pass the cost of the service to our customers, who want a different finish to their pieces. So there’s no confusion, necklaces on our website are clearly marked if they are a zinc or gold-plated option and it’s up to you to choose the coating you desire:)

I hope this gives some important information when choosing the plating for your piece, however if it’s still a bit unclear – I’m here to respond to all the queries. Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

Have a lovely Saturday and stay warm!
Jolita x


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