Various colours of St.Petersburg

In today’s post I wanted to highlight one of our most popular – St. Petersburg necklace.  Made with silk, braided onto a modern crystal necklace, it is hand-painted by my brother in his studio.

Blue St. Petersburg statement necklace made with blue and yellow braid and rhinestones hand-painted in blue

One of the first photo shoots that St. Petersburg necklace was in, is among my favourites. It was a Royal shoot styled by Emma Breden and I think it works perfectly well here with the Royal theme.

Blue St. Petersburg Necklace by Jolita JewellerySince the necklace was so popular we made a few more of them in different colours: cobalt blue and mustard, plum, green and pastel blue.
Necklace made with mustard, cobalt blue and charcoal silks braided onto a modern crystal necklace, hand-painted in the same hues.Necklace made with plum and a hint of gold silks braided onto a modern crystal necklace, hand-painted in blue and purpleSt. Petersburg greenSt.Petersburg pastel blueAll of these necklace have been made to boutiques or customers, but I had the pastel blue with me earlier last month, which made it to a photo shoot for Sussex Style Magazine. I think styled as a headpiece it looks really sensational 🙂
Sussex Style Magazine - St.Petersburg necklace

And one of the pictures from “real life” is among my favourites, worn by a customer to match the colour of her outfit.
A customer is wearing blue St. Petersburg necklace matching her electric blue turban and trousers

As you can see we are very versatile in terms of colours and can make any necklace from our collections in almost any colour that you like. So if you are interested – please feel free to email me to discuss your options.

So which of these St.Petersburg necklaces is your favourite?

Jolita x


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