Fashion Inspiration: Christmas

It’s Friday, it’s two weeks and a few days left till Christmas and you can feel the mood everywhere.

I love the festive spirit and all the window displays, particularly those of luxury boutiques and stores who put loads of efforts into their decorations. And when I saw some pictures circulating on the internet about the collaboration between Dior and Le Printemps, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. And I really wanted to post them here if you haven’t seen them yet.

Dior_Vitrines_de_Noel_au_Printemps_4 Dior_Vitrines_de_Noel_au_Printemps_12 Dior_Vitrines_de_Noel_au_Printemps_22 Dior_Vitrines_de_Noel_au_Printemps_8

Dior_Printemps_Christmas_Windows_04 Dior_Printemps_Christmas_Windows_05 Dior_Printemps_Christmas_Windows_07


(all images are grabbed from this and this blog)

Aren’t these just amazing?

And if you are in the mood, would definitely recommend to watch the video which shows more details of these stunning window displays. I particularly enjoyed the ice rink and cute little skates:) Watch the video on the official Dior page here.

Have a lovely Christmasy Friday!
Jolita x


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