Fashion Inspiration: luxury Christmas

I have just stumbled across the most amazing editorial. Shot by fashion photographer Koray Birand, it features model Cato Van Ee in Paris.

It’s Paris, it’s Chanel, beautiful jewels …. a true epitome of luxury. These images were shot for the December 2012 issue of Vogue Spain Joyas.

cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-01 December 2012 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-02 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-03 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-04 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-05 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-06 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-07 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-08 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-09 cato-van-ee-koray-birand-vogue-espana-joyas-10

These shots are so beautiful, so amazingly perfect and so Christmasy too…I hope you like them just as much as I do:)

Have a glamorous Friday!
Jolita x


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