Highlights of the 2012 – part 2

This is the continuation of yesterday’s post, reflecting on the highlights of the 2012….

July was full of fabulous shoots with amazing stylists and photographers.

Holly Cox styled a shoot with our necklaces worn as head pieces. This is one of my favourite shots, which later was featured in C Heads magazine.
Two models wear colourful statement necklaces as head pieces

I worked quite a few times with an amazing and multi-talented stylist Lucy and definitely formed a great friendship. Lucy styled a couple of shoots with our pieces, with an Egyptian themed shoot being my favourite. Here’s the beautiful image as shot by the lovely photographer Peter Warwick.
Decadence Necklace by Jolita Jewellery

I also met a fabulous stylist Krishan Parmar. He styled a Day of the Dead inspired shoot. I have some amazing images, but not entirely sure if I can use them just yet (since these were for the submissions to the magazines, hence aren’t to be featured elsewhere), but here’s one of the behind the scenes shots.
San Pietro necklace by Jolita Jewellery

The same month thanks to our new online stockist Caratime, our Carnival necklace was featured in Elle France!
Elle.fr - Carnival Necklace by Jolita Jewellery

We got a new stockist in the Middle East – Dadu boutique in Jeddah, with the first appearance of our pieces in the famous Bisat Al-Reeh bazaar (Magic Carpet).
Malaga necklace and Braided Cuff by Jolita Jewellery

A Persian Nights themed shoot with our Joia necklace by stylist Emma Breden was featured in Your Docklands and City magazine.
Joia necklace in Your Docklands and City magazine July 2012

The final summer month of August brought us more press and exposure. Venus Ascending titled shoot styled by Emma Breden with our necklaces and statement bangles was featured in Tantalum Magazine.
6 venus-ascending-6

Yet again thanks to an amazing Boticca PR team one of our headbands was featured in French Grazia (styled as a neck piece).
Grazia France 10-16 August 2012- Jolita Jewellery Headband

Andy from Style Scrapbook wore one of our necklaces from Colour Therapy collection.
Andy from Style Scrapbook is wearing Jolita Jewellery's hand-painted rhinestone necklace

Our colourful clip-on Olivia earrings were featured in S Magazine.
Olivia Earrings as featured in S Magazine

September – the month I was born and the month the London Fashion Week takes place started wonderfully when Style Arabia fashion editor Tala Samman wore our Salvador necklace to the Burberry show.
Tala Samman in neon Salvador Necklace at Burberry show 17.09.2012

This wasn’t the only our jewellery “outing” during the fashion week. Our neon Havana earrings were worn by Louis from Carrot PR, who’s also the blogger behind Bunnipunch.
Lois Waller from Bunnipunch in colourful statement Havana earrings during London Fashion Week

This was also the month when we met lovely Alizey from Pintsizedfashionista, who together with her sister designs patterned leggings and are named “Dubai’s Olsen Twins”.
Aliezey from Pintesized fashionista in neon Dubai necklace

In October I met a very lovely stylist and beauty expert Amelia, who used some of our pieces for a beauty editorial, which was later published in the first issue of Sussex Style magazine.
Sussex Style Magazine - St.Petersburg necklace

We had another collaboration with stylist Lucy and photographer Arron for a tribal inspired shoot.
Marrakech necklace and bangle for a Tribal shoot

We met a lovely girl Sasha, who’s a big fan of our jewellery and a proud owner of our three statement necklaces. Sasha writes her own blog Fashion Flesh, where she posted an interview with my brother and I.
Sasha in Jolita Jewellery's colourful statement necklace braided with yellow, a hint of turquoise and pink hand-dyed silks

November blew in some Nordic winds in a form of our Rimini necklace feature in a Swiss glossy Edelweiss.

Colourful statement necklace Rimini by Jolita Jewellery featured in fashion magazine from Switzerland Edelweiss

Another collaboration with Emma Breden for a gothic inspired shoot with our skull jewellery from Voodoo collection.
Grunge shoot with model accessorised in skull jewellery from Jolita Jewellery Voodoo collection

We had a flood of orders from across the globe and made an array of jewellery.
Colourful statement necklaces made with vibrant silk and rhinestones

This was the month we had a very successful Jolita Jewellery event in Jeddah at Dadu boutique.Dadu boutique showcasing Jolita pieces: colourful braided necklaces and skull plates

And the last month of the year was ever so busy with fulfilling the orders as well as taking part in some shoots again.
Crystals from new braided statement necklaces - work in progress

We had two more shoots with lovely Lucy and photographer Peter. One was glamourous inspired by Anne Boleyn.
Anne Boylen inspired shoot with a model wearing Jolita Jewellery's one-of-a-kind handmade statement necklace made with long Czech crystal drops, part hand-painted and braided with dip-dyed silk in purple and orange.

Another one was SBTV presenter Georgia interview for Boss Lady magazine, for which she wore our Marrakech necklace.
Georgia from SBTV on shoot for Boss Lady magazine in Jolita Jewellery's one of a kind Marrakech necklace made with vintage chains, rhinestones, stars and braided silk

Right before Christmas I had the last glamorous shoot for the year with stylist Sola and photographer Rio Romaine.
A model is wearing an elegant necklace, made with clear crystals and rhinestones, hand-painted in pastel blue and green, braided with silkI would love to say big thank you on behalf of my brother and myself to everyone who supported us, helped to spread the word about our creations, collaborated with Jolita Jewellery and gave us loads of compliments:)

2012 was an amazing year and we hope to continue making your days more colourful in the 2013. We sincerely wish everyone the most fabulous and glamorous year ahead, dream big and make a bold statement!

Jolita x


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