Jolita in Egypt

It’s the first Saturday of the New Year! Wow time is flying by… Although this is the first week after the festivities, which are usually considered to be slow, and a lot of people just getting back to the usual rhythm … we didn’t feel much of a slow down! We’ve got so many queries about our pieces from various corners of the world, I’m incredibly excited. If that’s how the year starts – then I can’t wait to find out where it’s going to take us.

So I wanted to share some exiting news that some of our pieces are now available in Egypt! I know that often people like to see the piece up close before buying, so if you are in Egypt, you now can get in touch with lovely Dina. Here are just a few of the custom made pieces that you can acquire:

Custom made necklace with blue rhinestones and green braid Custom made Malaga necklace with purple braid, mixing in a hint of blue and rhinestones hand-painted in purple, blue and peridot green Custom made necklace with emerald green rhinestones and a double collar braid in grey, green and a hint of yellow A custom made St.Petersburg necklace with modern rhinestones and a pastel blue and green braids

To see the full list of stockists, please check our website.

The jewellery you see on our own website can be shipped to wherever you are, which basically means we ship internationally:) I get asked this question a lot, so thought will just put it out there.

And whilst we create pieces for boutiques, we also are incredibly happy and excited to work on custom made orders for our private customers. All you have to do is decide what kind of piece you’d like, the colours you’d like to have it in and drop me a line.

Have a beautiful Saturday!
Jolita x


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