We are busy creating colourful statement jewellery

Wow! It’s just the 10th of the month, yet we are soooo busy as if Christmas never even happened… We have just delivered an order of our statement pieces to the lovely lady from Egypt – Dina, who’s the designer herself and makes some amazing pieces. Have a look at her creations.

The pieces were sent barely a week ago, yet we already had some absolutely amazing feedback and have a few snaps of happy customers wearing Prague necklace and a custom made braided cuff.
A happy customer from Egypt in Prague braided necklace, made with Bohemian glass pink rhinestones and pastel braided silk in pink, yellow and green

A happy customer from Egypt in a custom made braided cuff with grey and emerald green silk, pink crystals and bigger green crystals as a centrepiece

We currently finalising an order for a boutique in Doha, Qatar, so if you are out there – you’ll soon be able to check our pieces from up close. Don’t want to spoil it all, so will only say that among some custom made pieces you will also be able to find our best sellers, like Barcelona, Capri and Prague necklaces.

Colourful statement necklace made with silks and crystalsSophia in Capri necklace by Jolita JewelleryColourful statement necklace braided with yellow, turquoise and pink hand-dyed silksAnd we are also finishing up a very big order for an amazing boutique in Samara, Russia.  Apart from our most popular pieces, you will also be able to find there our colourful Beirut and Yerevan necklaces (both available for pre-order on our website if you aren’t in Russia) and many more of Jolita Jewellery pieces.
A model is wearing a colourful Beirut necklace, hand-painted in various colours, with bigger stones covered in silk, hand-dyed in gold, and braided with silksA model is posing for a tribal themed shoot in our hand-painted earrings and a colourful statement necklace made with double braid and crystals, hand-painted in peridot green, sky blue and neon
So please bear with us, whilst we working on fulfilling the demand and hopefully very soon we’ll show you some new beauties.

Jolita x


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