Fashion inspiration: POP luxury

I absolutely loved this jewellery editorial for British Vogue’s December’s Pop Issue. Created by artist Alexandra Bruel, it was inspired by the pop art of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and others. Pictures often speak louder than words, so hope you’ll love them just as much as I did.
alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-04 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-05 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-06 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-07 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-08 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-09 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-10 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-11 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-12 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-13 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-14 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-15 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-16 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-17 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-18 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-19Have a glamorous Friday!
Jolita x


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