Jolita Jewellery in Qatar

I’m very excited to announce, that we have now finished creating some beautiful things for a Beautiful Things boutique in Qatar, Doha:)

All jewellery has been shipped, so it will be in store very soon. Apart from some of our bestselling necklace we also made a few new pieces. Some of them are one-of-a-kind, like this braided cuff and Seven Seas statement bangle. Some will be available for orders on our website like Paris blue and Palermo necklace in pastel green.

A custom-made braided cuff with rhinestones and silk

A statement bangle made with new and reclaimed components Braided necklace with blue rhinestones and thick braid, made of dark blue silk, mixing in a hint of pink and yellow A statement necklace made with dip-dyed silk in chartreuse and light grey, adorned with a chain and green crystals

You can also see some variations on our Malaga necklace: one with purple and gold tones and another one mixing bright braid with rhinestones, hand-painted in pastel colours.Colourful necklace made by mixing light and dark shades of purple silk and embellished with rhinestones hand-painted in blue, purple and gold Colourful necklace with dip-dyed silk in purple, yellow and turquoise and crystals hand-painted in pastel coloursIf you are in Doha or anywhere nearby – then make sure you visit Beautiful Things, which is located in Royal Plaza Mall.

As always if you are interested in any of the pieces and particularly if you like them to be in your colour combination – please get in touch and we will work to create the piece of your choice.

Have a relaxing Sunday!
Jolita x


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