Trend: Showpiece jewellery

The A/W 2013 fashion weeks are upon us and this schedule is mixing up all seasons for me. We barely had a chance to even start thinking about what we will be wearing come spring, when Autumn/Winter trends are being prepared already. Madness!

They are looking so far ahead into the year, that I am easily confused with what are the current fashion trends. It’s not that I’m a strict follower of fashion ‘currents’, but it’s always good to stay up to date. And although it’s wintery outside with pavements covered in snow, today’s post is summery and relates to jewellery trends of Spring/Summer 2013.

Jewellery trends SS13

Since Jolita pieces have their own style (needless to say as everyone else has), we don’t necessarily try to cram in as many fashionable elements as possible into our pieces, nevertheless the showpiece jewellery trend reflects the essence of our designs perfectly well. So if you want to be on the trend in spring/summer 2013, when it comes to accessories – the bigger the better!

I will kick of with the big wrist adornments as seen on the catwalks of Celine, Hermes, Alexander McQueen and other designers. I really love my chunky bangles and below you can see how I wore them:

Statement bangles by Jolita Jewellery

Perhaps wearing two of them at a time is a tad too much, one will do the job perfectly well. It will get people talking and I’m saying it from my own experience. That’s the power of these bangles!

Here are a few gorgeous images from the shoot with photographer Arron Dunworth and stylist Lucy.Statement Bangles A model is photographed in one-of-a-kind Marrakech necklace made with vintage chains, braided silk and hand-painted in neon as well as a statement bangle made of new and reclaimed components, Arron Dunworth photography Seychelles necklace and statement banglesMight not be the most practical thing to wear, particularly during colder season when we tend to wear more clothes, including big coats and jackets, but who said fashion is practical?:) If you prefer a more ‘snugly’ fit, then you might opt out for a braided cuff.

Here are a few custom made cuffs, braided with silk and embellished with crystals (by the way, you will see grey as a dominant colour in all of these pieces, as they are all custom made as requested by our lovely customers; we can make them in different colours).

Braided cuff with crystals by Jolita Jewellery

A braided cuff with crystalsAudrey braided cuff A custom-made braided cuff with rhinestones and silk

A custom-made braided cuff with rhinestones and silk A happy customer from Egypt in a custom made braided cuff with grey and emerald green silk, pink crystals and bigger green crystals as a centrepiece

If a necklace is your preferred accessory – then super-sized goes a long way for SS13. From Dior to Gucci, Givenchy and Chanel all attention was drawn to the neck. Gucci necklaces caught my eye particularly.Gucci MFW ss 2013

Gucci MFW ss 2013 2 Gucci MFW ss 2013 7

And here’s how our pieces fit into this trend.

Our bib style Helena necklace is perfect for making a statement. Made with long Czech crystal drops and a dip-dyed braid, it’s a bold statement piece.

One-of-a-kind handmade statement necklace made with long Czech crystal drops, part hand-painted and braided with dip-dyed silk in purple and orange.

Anne Boylen inspired shoot with a model wearing Jolita Jewellery's one-of-a-kind handmade statement necklace made with long Czech crystal drops, part hand-painted and braided with dip-dyed silk in purple and orange.Yerevan is another option to make a bold colourful statement. Made with double collar braid and rhinestones, hand-painted in neon, it’s a vibrant piece.

A colourful statement necklace made with double braid and crystals hand-painted in peridot green, sky blue and neonA model is photographed in Yerevan necklace made with double collar silk braid and rhinestones, hand-painted in neon. Arron Dunworth photography

Colourful Salvador necklace is here to make a bold statement for you too! As a “serial jewellery tester” I got stopped in the street the moment I came out wearing that necklace. See how the necklace looks on Tala Samman.A colourful statement necklace with rhinestones hand-painted in neonTala Samman in Salvador Necklace October 28

The big statement pieces are also perfect for layering if you are brave enough… Here are a few options tried by me.
A number of colourful necklaces made with crystals and braided with silkLayering up colourful statement necklaces by Jolita JewellerySo what are your thoughts on this trend? If you don’t own any of the big statement pieces, will you be getting one or tow OR will you be sticking to what you’ve always been wearing?

Jolita x


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