Colourful medicine for grey and rainy days

Oh my we just don’t stop….we don’t. We are so busy with jewellery making we literally work day and night and weekends and all days now are so exactly the same I am getting confused which day of the week it is…. Well, I guess that’s not too bad of a problem to have:) I most definitely prefer to be busy than not, and the fact that this also means recognition of my brother’s talent means so much more, that I don’t mind being sleep deprived… And this Monday doesn’t seem like Monday to me either, regardless that it is so dull, grey and rainy today.

Usually this kind of Monday would be the day when you feeling a bit “blue” after the weekend… So if you’ve been following my blurb here on this blog you might already know what I’m going to say…. my antidote for days like this is colour, colour colour!!!

Our pieces are most definitely not too shy of colour and will serve the purpose well. I.e. Granada bracelet is bursting with colours! We made one to a boutique recently, and I am totally in love with it, because the silk, that covers bigger stones, came out in such rich shades – absolutely pleasing to my eyes:) By the way the image is uploaded as is, I haven’t used any filters to enhance the picture.

Granada braceletIf you want to draw some attention to your face, then perhaps Flora Forza earrings would be a good choice. They are proving to be rather popular, so we don’t have any in stock. However if you are interested – we’d be delighted to order them for you. And what’s even better – we can paint them in different colours too! So yours will be unique to you. Sounds like a good idea? Drop me a line.

Flora Forza clip on statement earrings by Jolita Jewellery

If however you prefer to stick with the neck adornments, then the choice is quite bright. How about colourful Ibiza necklace?
Colourful Ibiza statement necklace hand-painted in neon and pastelsThese are just a few pieces that should hopefully brighten up your day. And I’d like to invite you to browse our website and see what other colourful medicine we have available for you:)

Have a colourful day!
Jolita x


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