Jolita is coming to Joy in Russia

Very excited to finally announce that one of the big orders is completed, shipped and on its way to the fabulous boutique in Russia – JOY. This boutique is based in Samara, so if any of you lovely ladies are in Russia – now you will be able to get a chance to try certain pieces on and see them up-close.

We made some beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces to Joy and hope that all the customers will be pleased to find these pieces out there.

Colourful Hand-painted Bracelets

This vibrant necklace is bursting with colours. Made with neon green silk braided onto a hot pink crystal necklace, it’s light and bright.

St.Petersburg pastel blue

Colourful necklace with dip-dyed silk in purple, yellow and turquoise and crystals hand-painted in orange and blue

A colourful statement necklace made with double braid and crystals hand-painted in peridot green, sky blue and neonThese are just a very few of our pieces and you will find more of our bestsellers like Barcelona, Capri, Seychelles, Bohemian Glass necklaces as well as a few custom made pieces like this double collar Samara necklace with dip-dyed silk and hand-painted rhinestones.

A colourful statement necklaceSo if you are in Samara, make sure you pop in to Joy in a few weeks time and let us know what caught your eye:)
Loads of colourful statement necklaces by Jolita Jewellery layered together in bright silk braids

Have a lovely day!
Jolita x


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