Jolita during the month of January

One month of the 2013 already gone and we’ve been very busy bees. We have a lot of orders from various corners around the world, so been working on the jewels very very hard. As a result we have already delivered some beautiful pieces to the boutiques in Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Georgia, Russia as well as to our private customers anywhere from London to Moscow and Dubai.

The response to our jewellery has been absolutely amazing, resulting in majority of the boutique coming back some for third some for fourth orders. We get an enormous amount of compliments from everyone, which is such a strong engine powering us to work when our eyes are shutting due to tiredness. Thank you so much for everyone, the recognition journey we are having is amazing.

We have just moved into a new and bigger studio (well….almost moved, still need a day or so to finalise the move), but working from our new workshop we already feel a big and positive difference. We received some new stock and once we have a moment my brother will create some show-stopping earrings. I am very excited as what we have discussed to make with these earrings will be truly amazing. I just can’t wait to see those ideas come into the reality.

We have loads of plans for creating more beautiful jewels in new colours. Thank you so much for your continues support. Our dreams are coming true!

Jolita x


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