A brighter Bohemian glass statement necklace

How’s your week..? Hope all is well? Mine is a tiny bit frustrating as the hosting company can’t sort out the ongoing issues I have with my emails. In addition to that unfortunately my brother is suffering from a very bad back and is unable to move…so that means not only he’s in terrible pain, but also no jewellery is being created… 😦

Fingers crossed he gets better soon and meanwhile I wanted to introduce a new version of Bohemian Glass necklace.

Here’s the very first version, made with royal blue braid. Beautiful statement necklace made with royal blue silk, mixing in a hint of metallic and restored glass necklace

I think it’s one of my favourite pieces, it looks very luxurious and the colour combination is just great: the amber colour of the crystals, the gold-plated stones and a hint of gold in the braid, combined with royal blue – a sheer luxury. We also made this piece with skulls instead of two crystals, just to express our love for skulls:)

This statement necklace is made with blue braid, mixing in a hint of metallic and bohemian glass necklace, adorned with two skulls, dipped in gold.

And very recently we have dyed some silk in beautiful bright cobalt blue which makes this necklace stand out even more.

Beautiful statement necklace made with cobalt blue silk, mixing in a hint of metallic and restored glass necklaceAll of these pieces are available to order on our website. Meanwhile what do you think? Any colour preferences ?

Jolita x


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