Dior fragrance workshop

I’ve been extremely lucky to have been invited to an exclusive Dior fragrance workshop at Harrods.

It was held in an intimate environment with around 10 people, in a pretty room full of most gorgeous little bottles filled with fragrances. It was a great pleasure to hear from the man himself – François Demachy, Dior Perfumer Creator. The man who created all the fragrances for the brand, including Miss Dior among many and the most popular and delicious J’Adore.

He spoke about Christian Dior’s passion for what he did, how Dior incorporated the shapes of clothes from his collections into the shapes of the bottles. I also found out how the fragrances are created, about some of their ingredients, I got to smell loads of various components that go into perfume and learned that the most expensive Dior perfume bottle is embellished with handmade jewellery made in Dior’s jewellery workshop and costs £26.000! There were only 8 of them made and only 1 of them is in the UK.

I had the most amazing experience and below are some pictures from the day.

Dior Workshop 3

Lilly of the valley was Christian Dior’s most favourite flower.
Grey was his most favourite colour.

Dior Workshop 2

All set and ready for the beginning of the workshopDior Workshop 1

Lines were very important for Christian Dior, who wanted to be an architect.

Lines are important

The very first fragrance we got to smell…

First fragrance

François Demachy talking about his inspirations and various ingredients going into the creation of the perfume.

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

François Demachy is giving me a fragrance to smell.

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator 2

It’s very difficult to find new natural ingredients, hence majority of the perfumes consist of 20% natural and 80% synthetic ingredients.

An array of various fragrances

Coffee beans to cleanse the palette when smelling too many fragrances is getting too much 🙂

Coffee beans

And some snaps from the beautiful Dior exhibition I attended after the fabulous workshop.

Dior Exhibition 1 Dior Exhibition 2 Dior Exhibition 3 Dior Exhibition 4 Dior Exhibition 5 Dior Exhibition 6 Dior Exhibition 7 Dior Exhibition 8 Dior Exhibition 9 Dior Exhibition 10 - Alice Anderson studio, copper thread bag Dior Exhibition 11 - White organze evening dress embroidered with Pointillist layered chiffon. Haute Couture AW2012

If you haven’t been to see it – definitely highly recommend visiting.

Have a lovely Saturday,

Jolita x


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