New colourful version of Barcelona necklace

Needless to say it again we’ve been very busy… In fact so busy that I had some homework to do during the weekend – help my brother to prepare the silk for the necklaces. Just take a look at those gorgeous colours, reminds me of macaroons a bit:)

Colourful silk hand-dyed in beautiful colours by Jolita Jewellery designers in his London studio

So now that you’ve seen the fruit of my work I’d like to show you one of the new Barcelona necklaces we’ve made.

A colourful braided statement necklace in dip-dyed blue and emerald green silks, made with Bohemian glass rhinestones in green

It’s made with a dip-dyed braid in blue and vibrant emerald green. To achieve this green we had to mix a number of various shades and I have to say in “real life” it looks incredibly beautiful. Here’s the braid from a bit more up-close.

A colourful braid in dip-dyed blue and emerald green silks, hand-dyed by Jolita Jewellery designer in his London studio

If you like our Barcelona dip-dyed necklace, you may order one on our website. And as always if you have your own ideas – get in touch! We’ll make a necklace based on your dreams.

Have a beautiful day!
Jolita x


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