A beautiful day in Paris

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying Good Friday and having a relaxing day.

I am working, but I love doing what I’m doing so technically it’s not work really. If you saw my last post, I was in Paris on Wednesday. It was a one day trip to enjoy the beautiful city (I’ve been there several times before) and run away from a very cold London. I went there with my bf and we had a very early start. We caught a 7.00am Eurostar and came back before midnight the same day. Next day I spent all day at the photo shoot (more about it in another post), so by the time I got back home in the evening I was so exhausted there was no time or energy to do the post.

So a little bit about the trip. We arrived at 10.20am local time, it was chilly, but sunny with beautiful blue skies, so most definitely a pleasant start of the beautiful day. First we went to Sacre Coeur church, which opened up beautiful views from the top of the hill.

Sacre Coeur

Next it was time for a little snack…which turned out to bit not that little at all, it was ze very big French sausage! I couldn’t eat all of it and it felt wrong after seeing loads and loads of homeless people 😦


From there we headed down towards Jardin des Tuileries, walked to Louvre, headed to Champs Elysees, where we had lunch. After well deserved lunch and rest we climbed Arc de Triomphe to admire sensational views of the city, and walked all the way to Eiffel Tower. It was a nice although long walk, so our feet and legs were very tired. No trip to Paris should be completed without sweet delicacies so we sat down to have some coffee with beautiful coffee eclairs. Although it was a bit chilly, with the outside heaters on, it was a great feeling sipping coffee outside… Shortly it was time to head back to the station to catch the Eurostar train back. Here are some photos of the day:

5 Louvre 6 Louvre 2 7 Lamp post 8 Champs Elysees

Moule Mariniere 9 Arc de Triomphe 10 Paris from Arc de Triomphe 11 Paris from Arc de Triomphe 12 Paris from Arc de Triomphe 13 Paris from Arc de Triomphe 14 Eiffel Tower 15 Eiffel Tower 16 Eiffel Tower

Cafe wall Macarons

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back to Paris again. Although next time we’ll do something different and most definitely will be visiting Avenue Montaigne.

Enjoy the long Easter weekend!
Jolita x


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