New colourful and unique Istanbul necklace

If you following us on Instagram and/or Facebook you might have already seen our new piece, nevertheless I feel that it still deserves an official introduction on the blog.

So please meet our new Istanbul necklace. It’s glamorous, it’s beautiful and it’s one-of-a-kind.

This one-of-a-kind handmade statement necklace is made with long Czech crystal drops, a double collar dip-dyed orange and dark plum silk braid, hand-dyed by the designer and embellished with a gold-tone vintage chain and blue crystals.The necklace is made with a beautiful double collar dip-dyed braid in lovely orange and dark plum and embellished with a vintage gold tone chain and a row of blue crystals.

This is one of those pieces that will never be repeated again because of the components that went into making the necklace. Hence whoever becomes the (proud) owner of this necklace, will be the only person in the entire world to have it. Pretty luring thought…

Hope you like the new Istanbul necklace, which is available for purchase on our website. Any thoughts? Please feel free to leave a comment:)

Have a beautiful day!
Jolita x


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