Fashion inspiration: Camilla Franks

I came across this stunning fashion editorial by an Australian designer Camilla Franks. The vibrant colours, amazing prints and over the tope jewellery is definitely luring me in… Enjoy!

camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20131 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20132 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20139 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20133 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20134 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20135 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20136 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20137 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201311 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201312 camilla-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201313

Have a fabulous Friday,
Jolita x


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