Amazing London Marathon 2013 April Sunday

It’s been an absolutely amazing day today. Woke up in a morning all very excited and ready to watch the marathon through our windows. Nope not running, just watching… It was so wonderful to see everyone from elite runners to wheelchairs, IPC runners and just ordinary people running it. The crowd was cheering everyone so loud, I had goosebumps and felt so proud for everyone, both the runners and the supporters who were amazing in cheering everyone from the very beginning to later in the afternoon when barely any marathon participants left.

I took loads of pictures, but none of them really captured the spirit and an incredible atmosphere that was felt outside.

Here are just a few pictures and you can see how the street got gradually more and more crowded until there were nearly as many people supporting the runners as there were running the marathon.


First wheelchairs

First Wheelchairs London Marathon April 2013

Right before Women Elite runners show up a car with a timer approaching

First Women Elite runners London Marathon 2013

First women elite runners

First Women Elite runners London Marathon 2013

Men Elite runners, including Mo Farah

Elite Men runners with Mo Farah, London Marathon 2013

Richard Whitehead cheered by the crowd

Richard Whitehead London Marathon 2013

Sea of marathon runnersLondon Marathon 2013

Loads of funny costumes as well from people doing it for various charities, for themselves and for their loved ones. I saw a fairy, a gorilla, a Baywatch lifeguard, a sailor, a man in a mankini, a robot from Starwars to name just a few.  All in all an amazing day. Soooo distracted by it, not sure can do or think about anything else:)

Enjoy your Sunday!
Jolita x


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