Jolita necklace meeting Swedish Royals

When a while ago my very close friend told me she’s getting married, there was no question about the jewellery. We were both so excited and decided it has to be something custom made by my super talented brother. Luckily he didn’t scream too much about it and the big pressure he had on for designing something exquisite for the big day.

Altogether we discussed the likes and dislikes, the design and made her a beautiful pearl necklace and a matching bracelet with green stones (might have been peridot, can’t remember now as it was a while ago :)) which matched the stones of her wedding band.

Wedding Jewellery by Jolita Jewellery

She looked absolutely gorgeous as you can tell and I was very pleased that she was so happy with the jewellery.

But what made me even happier, that a couple of weeks ago the beautiful wedding jewellery made an appearance again. And what an appearance it was!

My lovely friend and her husband (who’s face for some reason is slightly distorted in the picture …), that live in Stockholm, went to meet the Swedish Royalty. Doesn’t this necklace just fits perfectly here?

My best friend Justyna and her husband Johan are meeting the Swedish Royalty in hand-made Jolita pearl necklace.

Don’t they look pretty? And the necklace 🙂 Couldn’t wish for a better person and occasion.

As you can see we are pretty versatile in terms of what pieces we can make, so if you are interested in a bespoke piece – I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your desires.

Have a beautiful day!
Jolita x


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