Oslo necklace: light and easy to wear

Hope you are having a lovely and relaxing Sunday! I am working as usually, but I love what I do, so my work doesn’t feel like work at all 😀

Today I wanted to post about our Oslo necklaces. They are our “smaller” pieces. When I say smaller, I mean they are less bulky and made in a way, so that you could layer them with other jewellery, however they are certainly no less of a statement piece! On the contrary, they are pretty popular among our customers for that same reason.

Here you can see a couple of pictures with what the necklaces look like on our happy customers:

Happy customer in Oslo blue  necklace Happy customer in Oslo grey necklace

And here are a few others on my own neck:

A colourful statement necklace made with bright dip-dyed braid and rhinestones, hand-painted in yellow and blueA light and easy to wear Oslo necklace, made with a dip-dyed silk braid in charcoal and yellow and hand-painted rhinestones A light and easy to wear Oslo necklace, made with a mixed grey, yellow and baby blue silk braid and rhinestones hand-painted in neon yellow

We created them in a variety of colours, you can see some of them here. Not all of them made it onto our website as these were all custom made orders, however this might give some colour ideas if you like to one of these made.

Please get in touch if you are interested in these or any other of our pieces in your own colour combination.

Three easy to wear and light Oslo necklace layered together. Made with a colourful silk braid and hand-painted rhinestones

Enjoy your Sunday!
Jolita x


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