New luxury statement necklaces coming out soon…

Happy Saturday! It seems like yesterday’s grey skies have finally been pushed away by a bit of sunshine. FINALLY! We really need it, it’s the end of May and we still haven’t had a proper spring apart from a couple of days here and there.

Today’s post will be very short as I have to dash. Going to spend the weekend away from London, visiting my bf’s parents. Really looking forward to it after an incredibly stressful week.

As I mentioned in my previous post my brother has been ill for a while, so we have a number of orders accumulated and that also meant that no beauties have been created…. However the good news is – he’s finally recovered. Not 100% just yet, but feeling much better and we’ve already been discussing some new designs for the upcoming collection.

We will also be introducing a few more luxurious pieces. Those are a true expression of my brother’s imagination, so watch the space as I’ll be posting about this very very soon.

Here’s a sneaky peek into one of the new necklaces. It’s a feast for your eyes. You’ll see the entire piece soon!

A sneaky preview of the upcoming luxury bespoke statement necklace

Meanwhile enjoy your weekend and extra day off, if you are in the UK!

Jolita x

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