Weekend out by the British seaside

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I decided to have a little bit of a rest from blogging and went away for a couple of days to enjoy some beautiful sights by the seaside. I took loads of pictures, although not entirely sure any of them do any justice to the amazing scenery that I saw.

I’ve been to Sandwich town, where a sandwich was invented! I’ve also been to Broadstairs, which is a beautiful little town by the sea. I’ve been there once before, but this time we walked around a bit more, so I saw more.

OK, so here are the pictures from the mini trip:)

First of all – Sandwich town with it’s cute narrow alleys, a No Name Street with a No Name Shop, accompanied by a sandwich of course:)

Sandwich town 1 Sandwich town - alley 1 Sandwich town - Holy Ghost Alley 3 1 Sandwich town -Holy Ghost Alley 1 1 Sandwich town -Holy Ghost Alley 2 2 Sandwich town - garden through the door 3 Sandwich town - church 4 Sandwich town - No Name Street 5 Sandwich town - Tea Rooms 6 Sandwich town - Sandwich

And then – Broadstairs with a colourful fish and chips shop and a beautiful scenery on the beach with beach huts.

7 Broadstairs Fish ahd chips 8 Broadstairs beach 1 8 Broadstairs beach 2 8 Broadstairs beach Hut 8 Broadstairs beach Huts

During a walk in the town we saw this long wall, which had embedded shells, from small to the giant ones.

9 Broadstairs - wall of shells 1 9 Broadstairs - wall of shells 2 9 Broadstairs - wall of shells 3 9 Broadstairs - wall of shells 4 9 Broadstairs - wall of shells 5

We then went for a walk along the seaside, which lead us to another town – Ramsgate with another colourful Fish and Chips shop (that had a very long queue) and a beautiful Marina.

10 Broadstairs view 1 10 Broadstairs view 2 11 Ramsgate 1 11 Ramsgate 2 11 Ramsgate 3 11 Ramsgate 4 12 Ramsgate Marina 1 12 Ramsgate Marina 2 12 Ramsgate Marina 3

If you ever get a chance – would definitely recommend visiting Broadstairs, you can have a wonderful day out on the beach, accompanied by a nice meal in one of the restaurants, of which there are plenty.

Thank You for reading, I hope you liked the pictures. Now I’ve got to run as have lots to do:)

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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