I am sorry….

Please excuse the lack of posts this week. I’m extremely busy with having back to back meetings as well as trying to organise the photoshoot.

I had an amazing meeting this morning. Here’s a snapshot of the jewels I brought to show. I had so many pieces with me (which is very rare, but we have the new collection out, which I’m introducing one by one on the blog) that we needed 3 tables at the cafe:)

Colourful Jolita Jewellery necklaces and bracelets made with silk and rhinestones

And as I mentioned I am also organising the photoshoot. It is to showcase the new pieces and I have so many amazing people helping me out. I am in absolute awe how much it is possible to do when few creatives get together. And words can’t describe how grateful I am for everyone involved. Right now don’t want to reveal too much just to keep an element of surprise, but one thing I absolutely have to mention is sensational pieces I picked up from amazing Jay Briggz.

You have to see his work from up-close, it’s just astonishing. No wonder he’s been featured in Vogue and having international success.

I am so happy that I have an opportunity to use his pieces in my shoot. I can’t wait till this all happens and I can share the pictures with you.

Have a lovely evening!
Jolita x


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