Behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot

Happy Monday! It’s rather grey outside, but don’t let it dampen your mood! We had superbly sunny day yesterday. It felt like summer rather than October.

As I mentioned in my previous email, I was on another photoshoot yesterday. The settings were absolutely stunning and so will be the images. I can’t share too much at the moment, but as soon as I can – I will post the shots.

Meanwhile just a little snippet of what was going on.

The shoot was indoors and I had plenty of space to lay out all my jewels:)

From the recent photo shoot - all our jewels are laid out and ready for a shoot!

Once we decided on the dress for the first look – St.Tropez grey necklace seemed to be the best one to match a beautiful gown.

From the recent fashion shoot - St.Tropez necklace made with smokey quartz and pink crystals and a light grey silk braid, mixing in a touch of pink.

For one of the next shots we had a slightly “weird/crazy” looking dress with a big neck. So there was no necklace, but earrings and two statement bangles to make a statement!
From the recent fashion shoot - two statement bangles, made with recycled and new components.

There were more looks to follow, but as it was getting darker the iPhone wouldn’t take good quality pictures anymore, so for now that’s almost it…. well maybe one more image, checking out the shots to see if “we’ve got it”

From the recent fashion shoot - checking out the shot

I’m afraid that’s all I can share for now. I know it’s not much, but there will be some fun behind the scenes shots as well, so as soon as I have those – will most definitely show them off!

Have a beautiful day ahead!
Jolita x


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