Curing myself with a funky cup of tea

Happy Monday! Hope it will be a good week for everyone. I apologise for no post yesterday, I spent all weekend (and today) in bed down with flu. Feeling a bit better today, but not strong enough to dive into a lot of work, so please excuse me while I’m resting.

One thing that I am doing a lot over these days – is having lots of cups of tea with lemon. And what cheers me up particularly – is that I’m drinking it from a little bit unusual cup (please ignore the background 🙂 ).

This up-cycled vintage cup is is from Jolita Jewellery's Object Trouve collection. It is decorated with our signatory skull and rose and can be kept as an object of art, although fully functional.

This is another creation by my brother, where he up-cycled the vintage cup by superimposing contemporary images, in this instance our signatory skull and a rose. If you visit our website you will find a capsule collection of up-cycled vintage plates under Objects collection, each with an array of various images.

So whilst I’m going to make another one – have a great day and keep warm!
Jolita x


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