Colourful Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Whether you are planning to go out or stay in, hope this won’t be a scary, but a fun day for you!

I have had my creative juices flowing and wrote a little Halloween poem (not without Jolita twist:)) Hope you’ll like it.

Trick or treat? Trick and treat!
When I see sparkly crystals
My heart skips a beat

Heavenly silk in glorious hues
Black, purple, orange,
Reds, greens and blues

Glorious skulls, guarding the jewels,
Never too dull, never too cruel

Luxury bugs, delicate flowers
Gold-plated chains
With mysterious powers

Secret temptation and imagination
Makes up a fantasy world of Jolita creation!

Colourful Halloween collage, created with various fragments from Jolita Jewellery hand-made pieces and a couple of images from "Undesirable pleasures" editorial, featuring Jolita jewels.

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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