In Jolita Jewels

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is ready for a new week. I was very busy both on Saturday and Sunday, so feeling extremely tired today. Yesterday I was on a fabulous shoot, helping the photographer with the styling, and I have to say it will be A M A Z I N G. I can’t wait to see the final shoots once they are ready. All the looks are absolutely to die for….

Meanwhile…today I wanted to share a beautiful picture of lovely Mahtab, who’s the designer behind stunning Katayoon London label.

It’s from the event that took place this Saturday. Mahtab is wearing her own design in emerald green and our jewels: clear Madrid earrings and Paris Luxe necklace with clear crystals.

In this picture Mahtab is with beautiful Ana Tanaka , who also wears Katayoon dress.

Designer Mahtab Jamali behind Katayoon London in Madrid earrings an Paris Luxe necklace by Jolita Jewellery

Don’t they look just gorgeous? I love their looks!

Have a great day ahead!
Jolita x


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