Saturday’s shoot

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend and are full of energy to tackle the new week. If you regularly come to check my blog you will know that on Saturday I was attending a shoot. Well it turned out it wasn’t a traditional fashion shoot, but a workshop held by an amazing photographer Rossella Vanon. She’s a a fantastic award winning fashion and beauty photographer who has a great following of those admiring her work, hence it was no surprise the workshop was packed with other photographers.

There were several hours during the workshop dedicated for the shooting and we had two lovely models Carmen and Eliza taking the responsibility of being beautiful and posing. The stylist for this shoot was lovely Marina who has an amazing fashion portfolio and no doubt I will be working with her again.

Here are a few images from this shoot and once I get the ones from professional photographers I will no doubt share them with you.

Eliza is having her make-up retouched before the shoot – in our Madrid necklace.

Look 1 Eliza - getting ready Look 1 - Eliza 2 Look 1 - Eliza 1 Look 1 - Eliza 3

Carmen is wearing our Turin necklace and Debutante earrings.

Look 1 - Carmen 1 Look 1 - Carmen 2 Look 1 - Carmen 3

Now getting ready for a group shot. One thing I wanted to mention here is that Carmen had a leg injury and she could barely walk (so brave and professional of her to soldier on standing for a few hours!), hence Eliza had to take off the heels, otherwise they would have looked a bit odd:)

Carmen wears our Madeira necklace and braided bracelet, Eliza wears our Skull and Crystal ring and Hamptons necklace.

Look 2 - Gettin ready Eliza Look 2 - Gettin ready CarmenLook 2 - Carmen and Eliza 1 Look 2 - Carmen and Eliza 3 Look 2 - Carmen and Eliza 2

And last but not least picture – of Carmen and Eliza just being beautiful and smiling:)
Look 2 - Carmen and Eliza 4

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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