Hello My Name Is Paul Smith

Happy Thursday! Hope your week is going well.

Today I wanted to post some pictures form Hello My Name Is Paul Smith exhibition, which I visited on Sunday. I always love to peek behind the scenes of the creative minds as I find it fascinating to find out how they work, how it all takes shape, what inspires them and what the result looks like.

Hope you’ll enjoy looking through these pictures and get inspired.

1 First shop 2 Collection of paintings 1 2 Collection of paintings 2 From the collection of paintings Office 3 Hotel showroom 1 3 Hotel showroom 2 3 Hotel showroom 3 4 Workshop 1 4 Workshop 2 4 Workshop 3 5 Collaborations 1 5 Collaborations 2 5 Collaborations 3 5 Collaborations 4 5 Collaborations 5 5 Collaborations 6 6 Wall of buttons 1 7 Collection 1 7 Collection 2 7 Collection 3

The exhibition is open till March at the Design Museum, so there’s plenty of time to go and see it.

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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