Friday Fashion Inspiration

Happy Friday! And here is the end of another month…. Since it’s Friday I’m sharing another jewellery editorial. It’s very “simple and clean” and been featured in the recent French Vogue. And since I just came back from Paris and happen to have that Vogue with me:) … I thought it’ll be nice to share it here as well.

The editorial is titled “Pink Winter” (considering Google did a good job translating it for me…) with beautiful Edita Vilkeviciute photographed by Katja Rahlwes and styled by Géraldine Saglio.

edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-1 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-2 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-3 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-4 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-5 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-6 edita-vilkeviciute-katja-rahlwes-vogue-paris-7

And here’s the said magazine…:)

Colourful statement necklaces by Jolita Jewellery, made with hand-dyed silk and crystals with pink being a dominant colour

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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