Jolita Fashion Week collaboration

Hello and happy Tuesday! Apologies for the silence on the blog. I’ve had some issues with the internet and once it was back up and running had to respond to loads of emails and the time ran away from me….

I’m very excited to announce our London Fashion Week collaboration with the amazing Ethologie brand, created by the fabulous Jasper Garvida.

I have jewelled up the brand’s logo below:)

Ethologie brand by Jasper Garvida, by providing the jewellery for their London Fashion Week show.

We will be providing our jewels to accompany the new collection of ready-to-wear garments. I was very lucky to see the pieces and I can say that the details, the colours, the prints are absolutely fantastic.

The show will be taking place this Saturday, 15th of February, and I can’t wait to share everything that will be happening on the day.

Below is the official press release about the inspiration for the debut Ethologie’s collection. Hope that will  intrigue you:)

Have a fab day ahead!
Jolita x

Ehtologie press release


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