Jolita on the cover of Cocktail Lovers magazine

Happy Thursday! Another day of the week gone and time flies particularly fast when you busy.

 I’ve got so overwhelmed with the London Fashion Week and all other shoots happening before and after it that completely forgot to mention about our jewels appearing in The Cocktail Lovers magazine, including its cover.

Painted Carnival necklace and Kniginia earrings on the cover of February issue of Cocktail Lovers magazine

The shoot took place in the private member’s club The King’s Head. There might not be anything unusual at a first glance, but one thing that I really love about this magazine and the shoot is that its creators when writing about the venue photograph people who work there. So on the cover of the 10th issue you will see Rebeca, a girl who greets you upon entering the club. Now that’s pretty authentic and real, don’t you think?

Here’s another shot with barmen Kamil, Helgi and Rebecca (in our Alexandria necklace).

Rebecca is wearing vivid Alexandria necklace for the Style feature in the February issue of Cocktail Lovers magazine

If you are interested in finding a bit more about this place and the favourite cocktails served by Kamil and Helgi, read the article on pages 38-43.

Have a fabulous day ahead!
Jolita x


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