Custom-made colourful Jeddah statement necklaces

Happy Saturday! Hope it’s as nice and mild wherever you are as it is in London. We have +21C forecasted for Sunday, which is also Mother’s Day in UK, for the delight of all mums:)

Since we work on a lot of custom-made orders, that’s exactly what I wanted to dedicate this post to.

Most of these pieces don’t make it on our website, however our blog is a perfect platform to showcase what we can do. If you feel inspired after what you see here and decide to have a custom-made piece – please get in touch.

A little while ago we created Jeddah statement necklace, which proved to be very popular. However due to materials used it was created in a very limited edition and wasn’t possible to repeat.

A colourful double collar statement piece made with hand-painted rhinestones, gunmetal chain, braided with silk and neon pink satin.

We’ve been repeatedly asked by a number of our customers to recreate it so we had no choice but to find a way of making a similar piece. A quick disclaimer before I continue…  the image above is not of a very good quality, therefore it doesn’t make much justice to the piece… I can assure you it looked much better in real life and those requests to re-create the necklace testify for this. So here’s the result of a couple of new versions, made with similar base materials.

A colourful double collar statement piece by Jolita Jewellery made with clear rhinestones, gunmetal chain, crystals, coral flower and beaded bug.A colourful double collar statement piece by Jolita Jewellery made with clear and pink crystals, gunmetal chain and neon Swarovski pearls

I won’t go into too many details with regards to the components as I think the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll just say that the client was extremely happy with how both necklaces turned out, which made us very happy too 🙂

So if you like any of our pieces, but have your own colour or customisation ideas – please get in touch! We looooove letting our creativity loose and making something different.

Have a wonderful day ahead!
Jolita x


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