New pastel Maldives statement necklace


Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunny days in London. And although it’s nice and warm in the sunshine, it still is quite chilly in the shade. Nevertheless the spring is most definitely here and we all start thinking about summer holidays and summer fashions.

And speaking of fashion…. if you like the pastel trends, then you will like our new version of Maldives statement necklace. Maldives statement necklace designed by Jolita Jewellery in clear crystals dipped in gold , and dip-dyed silk braid, gradually changing from grey to lavender, hand-dyed by designer in his London studio

Made with dipped in gold clear crystals, this statement piece is braided with beautiful hand-dyed silk, gradually changing from soft grey to lavender.

It’s a very soft in colours and romantic statement necklace, that will add a beautiful touch to your outfit, whether it’s jeans and t-shirt or a dress. It’s all up to your imagination how you want to style and wear it!

Hope you like this colourful statement necklace?

Have a romantic day ahead!
Jolita x


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