Wowcracy project

 Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

I’m very thrilled to announce that our jewellery project Kaleidoscope has been approved and launched on Wowcracy. If you haven’t heard about Wowcracy – this is a great platform allowing designers to showcase their talent and raise some funds for the production of upcoming collections. 

Jolita Jewellery Kaleidoscope colleciton on Wowcracy

Our aim is to further develop our new luxury Kaleidoscope collection with the final goal – presenting it at a fashion show in Paris.

In order to submit this project we have already made a few pieces that are available for pre-order from our project page on Wowcracy. Each necklace took a lot of patience and time to create, and is made in our signature style mixing hand-dyed silk with crystals.

As it’s a fundraising project each of our supporters has an option to either acquire some of our best selling pieces at discounted rates or pre-order new ones at reduced prices.

To introduce the project I have also created a slightly embarrassing video about us :), which you can see on the project page. It’s embarrassing  because it’s not of the best quality and I found out (last minute discovery) that it makes a huge difference when you film someone speaking at a small studio as opposed to a big room (my intro was filmed at home). However… considering it’s been all done by me (and clearly I’m not a professional videographer), with my iPhone under a lot of pressure I shall allow myself a pat on the back 🙂

If you like our work and find it’s worth spreading the word about it – then please tweet/blog/Facebook/Pinterest/tmblr/Instagram/Google+/LinkedIn about it or share on any other social media channels that you prefer using.

Your support means a lot to us.

I will post more updates from the project in the coming weeks, meanwhile – have a wonderful day ahead and come take a look at our Wowcracy project.

Jolita x


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