New neon Maldives statement necklace

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week. I seem to be having massive issues with technologies 😦 My email not working, phone unable to connect to wifi and internet playing up as well! I hope it’ll all somehow sorts itself out, because it’s very frustrating. Now then … on to much more pleasant things.

An introduction of a new and very bright Maldives statement necklace that should brighten up any day!

Colourful Maldives statement necklace by Jolita Jewellery made with vibrant turquoise silk braid , hand-dyed by the designer. Embellished with hand-painted crystals and neon pearls.

This piece is made with vibrant turquoise silk braid, with little splashes of blue,  hand-dyed in our studio. The silk is embellished with neon rhinestones and braided onto a clear crystal necklace. The centre stone is covered with hand-dyed silk and some of the crystals are hand-painted to add even more colour to this bright necklace.

The inspiration for painted motifs come from bright Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

I hope you like it? It’s one of the new favourites of my brother’s and I can see it looking stunning on a tanned body when you just came back from holidays…

You can find this necklace on our website and if interested in a similar or different custom-made piece – please get in touch!

Have a bright day!
Jolita x


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