New colourful Sao Paulo statement necklace

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing weekend. I had some problems with our website and my email address, which took 3 days to sort itself out, so I just now finished going through hundreds of emails, apologising to all the people who probably thought how rude of me not to reply for days. Technologies sometimes can be extremely frustrating…

Anyway, putting that aside I wanted to show you a new, just made, hot from the studio colourful Sao Paulo necklace.

Colourful Sao Paulo statement necklace by Jolita Jewellery, created with a dip-dyed silk braid, gradually changing from fuchsia to scarlet, hand-dyed in our studio. The silk braid is embellished with hand-painted crystals and two small luxury crystal bugs, dipped in gold.

It’s a hybrid between the smaller and “traditional” ever so popular Casablanca style necklace. Made with vibrant silk braid, hand-dyed in our studio, and hand-painted crystals. Two small dipped in gold crystal bugs are placed at both sides of the crystals to add finishing touches to this piece.

It’s a one-off necklace, not to be repeated again, we made it also available at a really low price of £215, so if it’s something you find interesting – you can find it here.

Hope you like it:)

Have a lovely day ahead!
Jolita x


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