New Madeira statement necklace

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a great week. It’s still tropical hot in London and is set to be the same next week too! It’s a perfect time to host and enjoy summer parties, where you need no more than a pair of heels, a stunning floaty dress and of course a bold jewellery piece, to make a statement.

If you follow us you’ll be familiar that one thing that our jewellery pieces don’t lack – it’s colour and boldness. And today I wanted to show you another newly created piece – Madeira statement necklace.

This beautiful Jolita Jewellery handmade statement necklace is made with blue silk braid, mixing in a touch of vibrant orange, hand-dyed by the designer in his London studio. The necklace is embellished with a row of small crystals in blue, colourful neon rhinestones and adorned with a beautiful cobalt blue crystal necklace. Secures at the back with a lobster clasp and a chain.

It’s created with a beautiful hand-dyed silk braid in blue as a base colour, mixing in a touch of vibrant orange. The silk braid is then embellished with neon round beads and a row of small blue crystals, intricately hand-stitched above the blue crystal necklace. Some of the crystals are hand-painted, adding colour splashes, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

The middle stone is covered with silk, hand-dyed in vibrant orange with a sprinkle of gold.

Hope you like this necklace? If interested – you can find it on our website.

Have a beautiful day ahead!
Jolita x


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