From yesterday’s fashion shoot

Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here!! Hope you are all excited and feeling happy. I am feeling a bit tired as we had an absolutely fantastic shoot yesterday till very late. The good news is though the looks were soooo strong, the final result will be absolutely amazing!

I can’t share any images of the looks, because the shoot we’ve done was for a certain magazine, but I can show you one picture with the jewels I had laid out and a few elements from the location.

Colourful Jolita Jewellery statement necklaces, earrings and cuffs laid out for a fashion shoot

I actually had more jewels with me, but there was not enough space to put all of them out and I could hardly fit everything into one picture already 🙂

Pink cabinet

The pink cabinet is from the location, which I really love! Such a beautiful feature! And since I’m obsessed with chandeliers I also had to take a picture of the one that was there 🙂


Please excuse the quality, it was quite dark in the location and my iPhone is not powerful enough to take good pictures in such lighting.

I can’t wait for the final shots to be released! Hope you are intrigued …

Have a fab day ahead!
Jolita x


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