About us

In that picture above it’s my brother and I. My brother’s name is Algis and he’s the designer behind the fabulous pieces. It all started a while ago as a hobby and he managed to turn his passion into a full time activity.

My name is Jolita (oh yeah! he named it after me) and I’m doing the rest of it. I’m writing this blog and maintaining our InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest pages as well as our online boutique. I am also dealing with queries from boutiques and customers as well as stylists, photographers, magazines. I am searching new stockists, overseeing order shipment, trying as much jewellery as I possibly can, taking pictures, reminding Algis that he needs to respond to emails, converting jpgs into pdfs, setting up email accounts and more. Much more. I am extremely passionate about my brother’s jewellery and am dedicating it every single free minute I have.

I get very excited each time someone writes a post or article about Jolita Jewellery and am very proud of our Press mentions🙂

Come and have a look at our website to see what my brother is capable off. Hope you will like his creations as much as I do x


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Love your jewelry.
    Do you have a wholesale price ?
    I am interested in the long crystal earrings

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